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2019 Brine All-Americans

07/23/2019 6:15 PM -

Congratulations to the 2019 Brine All-Americans!

Players were chosen after consultation with their coaches after a memorable first day of play in the inaugural Brine All-America Games!


Pictures will be taken Wednesday at check-in tent for the players who were selected the tournament all-star team.

2022 - 2 p.m.
2023 - 1:10 p.m. 
2024 - 1 p.m. 
2025 - 12 p.m. 


Sophia Knoblock, attack, Evo
Phoebe Ross, attack, Burn
Kylie McGovern, attack, Warp 
Rory Paris, attack, Freeze
Emma Green, midfield, Evo
Kendall Nye, midfield, Evo
Caitlin Tuttle, midfield, Burn
Maddie Grella, midfield, Freeze
Natalie Goldsmith, defense, Evo 
Elizabeth Povalski, defense, Burn 
Nora Crowther, defense, Warp
Victoria Koenig, goalie, Evo


Kelly MacKinney, attack, New Jersey
Riley Nee, attack, South 
Haleigh Greenberg, attack, Long Island 
Hannah Lewis, midfield, New Jersey
Caroline Cervini, midfield, Long Island 
Lea Ciocon, midfield, New Jersey
Abby Walker, midfield, Georgia
Peyton Davis, midfield, Georgia
Emily Phillips, midfield, South 
Riley Leversedge, defense, South 
Madelyn Lyle, defense, New Jersey
Carley Chrampanis, goalie, New Jersey 


Madison Pieloch-McManus, attack, South
Isabella Dantuono, attack, Long Island 
Reagan Morra, attack, Long Island 
Laine Gregory, attack, Georgia 
Elektra Kouloris, midfield, South 
Lilly Whaling, midfield, Northeast
Tess Calabria, midfield, Long Island
Emma McLean, midfield, Long Island 
Carley Mullins, midfield, Long Island 
Hailey Kulesa, defense, Long Island 
Ella Whittemore, defense, Georgia
Alexandra Zenk, goalie, Long Island 


Erika Kreuscher, attack, Long Island Lomangino 
Eva Simonton, attack, Long Island Lomangino
Sydney Ingraham, attack, New Jersey 
Allison Lee, midfield, New Jersey 
Beau Whaling, midfield, Northeast 
Joliana Schiavo, midfield, Long Island Lomangino
Abby LoNigro, midfield, Long Island Lomangino 
Ava Meyn, midfield, Long Island Lomangino
Kelly Callahan, defense, Long Island Lomangino 
Katie Nabet, defense, Long Island Lomangino 
Emma Greenberg, defense, Long Island Hoffman 
Marabella Marciano, goalie, Long Island Hoffman

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